Reform yourself

This game try so hard to reform you that you can be toxic with kinda saying almost nothing such negatively Play constant good for wins for fun... , for improving skills ,for punishing others who flame troll ain't an option anymore ,thrust me you can't handle how much hate is there and this only because riot make us hate each other, they never bring us togheter to work togheter , they never wanted us to reform ,never planned to improve the game ... , they never understood what means to play with someone who don't want to play support autofill , never understood that they kinda offense your game knowdledge when they give you autofill players who can't support or they don't want to play it at all.. As long as they never been intrested to ban trollers/bad players the result was 1 troller=60 + flamers banned , they use the trollers to make your gameplay so worse that you can't anymore handle and be chill and calm , you can't stay 100% chill and calm no mather of what ,but i did because i learned to deal with these stuffs after a while but very hard , unfortunatly 2-3 days ago i been banned permanently after 3 months since my 14 days ban and i been banned after got a troller on support ,had loss streak with lot's of toxic players in all 3 months and lot's of trollers and bad players.. I don't say my gameplay is perfect but at least i try to play it good.. and no makes others angry on me , i been respectfull as much as i could , i haven't answered fire with fire... , i been taking last game ,that game 2 from my chat logs f,got flame from players who been worse than me playing a hero i no play often as i am otp jinx with 2000 ranked games and 7-8 years of experience , i been playing xayah that game because that shen asked for ... and i wasn't such bad but yeah when people no understand the game they flame who they want... Going back they told me that i answered fire with fire , but i was getting 100% flamed that game, 100% had received all the game toxic behaviour from around me and been flamed then trolled ,didn't got red buff wanted to at least play normaly and maybe win if it is possible nope.. ,i sayd what i sayd and normaly is quitly decent regarding the facts but for riot is toxicity for permanent ban worth. I got banned and had no chance to report these guys who been toxic to me , the reason that isn't worth anymore to try to hang yourself for saying something into chat... , is that there are lot's of trollers who can pasive troll , or play bad and get no punishments at all , i been testing my teory and it proofs me it's right so i don't think that is worth to play this game for something else than just have fun and annoy other people while they loss money as you did .. , at least is fair and you do what everyone does , you play normaly in teory as riot sayd... , they told me to play normaly i will , they told me to don't answer fire with fire i will , i will burn every single second of me into giving this fire wood to keep alive until this riot game die togheter with all your balance teams and system !
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