Normal game etiquette

These are the etiquette one should always abide while playing a normal. Etiquette number 1: You shall not rage. Etiquette number 2: You shall have fun. Etiquette number 3: There are no troll picks. If you want to try something, you can. Etiquette number 4: You shall not kill an AFK. Etiquette number 5: If someone does an emote spam you do the same. Etiquette number 6: You shall not disrupt a dance party. Etiquette number 7: If an enemy does something cool, you will give them a compliment for said cool thing. Etiquette number 8: You shall not disrupt a mutual 1v1. Tell me if I need to add something :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Edit: I do not expect people to always abide these etiquettes. It's the same as table etiquette, you don't HAVE to follow them, but you sorta look stupid/rude if you eat with your hands instead of a knife and fork.
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