The hypocrisy of Riot Games

There's a story that happened recently which made me realize how this company organizes its own business model and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I felt that it might be worth sharing with the community, even if for most people none of this will mean anything. Now before judging or jumping to conclusions read until the end. I have 2 accounts on EU NE since season 1 and season 2. Recently, one of them got Permanently banned. The ban was 100% justified for flaming/toxic behavior after I received 2 chats suspensions and a 14 days ban prior to it. I opened a ticket in which I asked Riot Support if at any point in the future this decision can be reverted. They were very clear and very open and told me that my perma-ban was deserved and that they have 0 tolerance for people that display toxic behavior. I agreed with that decision, even though I felt sad, because I knew that they were right and that at the end of the day my actions led to this moment. One week passed and I took a decision that I considered to be the best course of action. I reopened the ticket and basically told Riot Support: "Look, I have 1 more account on EU NE, level 30 been playing it since season 1. I consider that this account should also be perma-banned since I can prove that it is my account as well". They could also verify the information and see that I was playing the same champions and logging in from the same IP from both accounts, so it was very easy to conclude that I was the owner of both accounts. The reason I took this decision is because I wanted to end this chapter and move on to other things and by effectively closing my second account as well there would be no way for me to go back. Adding to this, Riot would also get rid of a toxic player permanently. But then the response came from Riot Support and they effectively said "No, we won't perma-ban your second account. We consider that the permaban on your first account was justified but we belive that people can change." Do you see the hypocrisy in this statement? The real reason why Riot Game do not give out IP bans and just ban one of your account and leave you the possibility of playing on another account EVEN WHEN YOU FLAT OUT TELL THEM TO BAN YOU AND GIVE THEM YOUR SUMMONER NAME AND LOGIN NAME is because at the end of the day the company cares about money and leaving people the option of playing on other accounts after they have been perma-banned on one of them is a very profitable business model. Skins, XP boosts, champions and so on all equate to revenue for Riot Game. But when you draw the line, they claim that they want to reduce toxicity and provide a better environment for players, but overall the player base and toxicity in the game remains more or less the same with recycled accounts for people that got perma-banned. Player base does not decrease because Riot actively removes toxic people, it deceases because people leave for other reasons and move on to other games/things. To me, this whole incident was the ultimate example of how Riot Games actually thinks as a company. I would have understood if they did not have the time or resources to actively hunt down my account and close it but I legitimately opened a ticket and straight out provided them with my Summoner Name and Login Name and told them "Hey, it's the guy you just perma-banned on another account, this is my smurf account... perma-ban this too", and they refused. Because Riot is practically saying "Look, we won't kick away a potential customer but we also want to give others the illusion that we care about the community and reducing toxicity". I'm a flamer and i'm a toxic person and any company that sticks to its own code would have said that they don't want me as part of their community IF reducing toxicity was their actual goal. But it's not and we all know that money is all that matters. Just my 2 cents. Have a good day, Fallenray
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