Should I continue to be nice?

I'm a positive guy, I'm the guy that presses "No" every-time there is a surrender vote. I always have hope that we can win if we try. I treat everyone I am playing with nicely, either they are in the enemy or in the allied team. I feel its useless, because whenever I mess up there has to be this 1 flamer that says "wow noob" "report this guy for feeding" "WTF are you stupid??", and when I try to be nice to them they give me more hate. I seriously don't understand why? This is a person that you have never met before or seen in your life and you are cussing him. Would you go to a random stranger and swear at him and call him names? Even when that guy is nice to you and doesn't want to hurt you, and you just ignore that guy. I think that it is useless. I'm gonna have to be the guy that mutes everyone in the game and doesn't type anything in chat. This way seems better for me. I get flamers every game so this would probably help a lot. I personally don't see why I should continue being nice if I would get treated in worse way. I am done with chatting in games. Give me a reason why I should be nice.
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