LeaverBuster and Tribunal

Yesterday I was put into low priority queue. The reason for this is that I had to leave a couple of times this week because my drivers crashed and I had to either play with 10 fps or try and reconnect. My first thought was, I' ll send a mail to Riot to have them remove this insane queue because I am in no way a player who would ever give up on a game. Thinking about it, by the time they would've read it my low priority would've already have been over with. I do consider myself part of the healthy side of our very 'enjoyable' League community so therefore I felt a bit ashamed of getting put into low priority queue since I've never had any warnings before in my 3-4 years of League of Legends. I've read a couple of other threads saying 'dont play with a shitty connection' or my favorite one 'get a better pc' Funds are open boys and girls if you could all send in your money I'll get myself a new gaming gear computer 1 comment = 1 fps thanks for your generosity But what I still wonder is, where has Tribunal been? I might be over exaggerating but maybe I'll just start keeping track of how many games I have to put up with people that say its over at 10 mins in game, players that flame all game long or people who simply go afk because they don't want to play. I've played this game for long enough to obviously know that everyone will be seeing people like this or may be one at some point. But I am not talking about the normal games, I'll get over it when its a normal game. But what annoys me the most are the people that get to continuously play ranked games like this. I've met a lot of players I once blocked and had to play with again after some time without them having changed in any way. _Give me a Tribunal where I can mention someone's summoner name, show a piece of text and get them banned. Direct and simple. For what purpose would you want players like that representing your game Riot?_ Just now I finished a ranked game where our Jarvan simply said after getting killed once: 'Ill leave okay' and left at around 8-10 mins in. After that the rest of the team didn't simply lose spirit but also their sense of the game, which they might not even have had in the first place who knows. _Give me a normal ranked queue Riot._ I' ll be awaiting your donations, Buttex
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