Whats wrong with this community....

Recently, I played a game as an ADC in which my support, Sona, started trolling (taking away my cs, dying while poking etc.) after she died while fighting the jungler 1v1 (!?) and then she started making fun of me. I informed the enemy team (3 of them were premades) that Sona was trolling and instead of punishing (reporting her), I am the one who got reported. Their explanation: "We dont believe you. We doubt that she was trolling. you are wrong. We will report you. You just suck." I ended up with, if I counted well, 4 reports. And only one report was given towards Sona. Mine. Seriously, what the hell? It was even obvious what she was doing and yet, they went on her side. I doubt that I am the only one who faced this situation. But what can a single report from me do? Its hard to stay neutral in a situation like this. Of course I got mad.
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