Bring Back Loss Prevented

For anyone who wants solid proof of what happened, look at the link above. I can already see that half the comments will be, "omg just deal with it everyone gets feeders". But it's a bigger problem than that. Ranking should be a portrayal of how well one plays with their team and of their individual skill. When I get someone like our pantheon top lane this game, it outright loses the game for me and my team, who were playing pretty well until he snapped and went 0/10 in 20 minutes. I actually uninstalled league after this game, and I wont reinstall until I get some confirmation that this guy got punished or that there will be a system created to soften the blow of these apes on regular players. Get this out to the reds, I want a response from someone in authority to tell me if there is anything going on to make sure that other players don't get punished because of someone else's crippled sense of fun? Pantheon's IGN: "rafaelkapa" (EUNE)
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