6 tips for staying positive

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Hi. So i would personally say i am a pretty positive guy. Back in season 5 and 6 i was not though, and in season 7 i would say i was average. But i have come to realise, that flaming doesn't help at all, and that if you stay positive, you will win more games! That is a fact. So here is 6 tips for staying positive. 1. Muting This is pretty obvious, but has some extra steps. Don't tell the person you are muting, "Omg i am muting you". Because lets face it, 9/10 times you will wait with muting him, until he says something back to you. That causes you to either not mute him, because now you HAVE to write back that it is in fact HIS mom that is a whore, or you mute him, and feel angry that he got the last word. So just mute them silently. 2. Maintain a healthy chat. The hardest thing to do when you are trying to reform, isn't to not flame in a winning game, it is to not flame in a loosing game, where 2 of your teammates are already going at it keyboardwarrior style. Here, it is important to maintain a healthy chat. Both for you and your teammates. You can do this in 3 steps. --Mute people, and tell your teammates to mute the toxic people. Do this in a relaxed, not aggresive way. --Say gj, lets do this, that was a nice play, come again, we get them next time etc. Always being positive. If your teams chat is full with your love, the toxic people won't have as much room to flame in as before --/All chat is a no go. Just mute them all from the start, if not, mute them as soon as they start talking shit. All chat have literally NO purpose in lol. Name one. I dare you. 5. Stay positive on the INSIDE too. None of this will work, if you don't make sure to stay positive FOR REAL. You can say all kinds of nice things in game, while being ripped to pieces on the inside by the raging fire you have in your heart. Now, this make take some time, but if you keep going at it, it will be better. 3. Shake it off. When you get a tough game, don't jump into the next game right away. A new game right after a lost/toxic game is like the biggest trigger for recorvering flameholics. When you feel like you might be close to "falling of the wagon", go away from lol for a bit. Take a walk, a shower or some food. If you still want to look at lol, see some nice montages with lovely playes, or some good comebacks. Something positive. Which brings me to my next point. 4. Only watch positive gameplay I don't want you to see fail montages, Tyler1 flaming his teammates, Nicktron crying, That korean kid who falls off his chair after getting demoted to b5. This might be fun to watch, and almost relaxing when you have just lost your promos, but i promise you, it is like looking at cocaine for a drug addict. You WILL get the urge to flame again, even if you dont realise it. So! Keep it to positive, high level gameplay. A fun youtuber, that never flames and always shows Lol from its fun side, is Sp4zie. Even though he does not play lol anymore, he still has some nice old content. Check it out 5. Have. Fun. This is the most important step. Play champs you enjoy(But still are good at), play when you feel like playing, not because you feel like you need to save your ELO from the 15 game loose streak. You play better and are more positive when you have fun. That is a fact. So there you have it. A mid-plat scrubs tips to quit the flame once and for all. Sorry for the bad English. If i can do it, you can too. In the top you find a picture that shows what positivity can do. 3 teammates flamed, 1 trolled for 5 minutes, we were behind by so much. I kept it cool, stayed positive. Played my best. BOOM. Won the game.
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