Riot has to do something about passive agressive people, They hurt more than the hardcore flamers

You know that guy that calls you out everytime when you die or fail at something, This one particular game i was zilean support and this jungler on my team made that game so bitter for me. It all started with a team fight where i ulted him and instead of fighting he ran away only to go back in without ult to die again, I told straight up "What the hell man? Why didnt you use my ult?" He said that he was just having fun, I said ok whatever. After he started "teaching me" how to play and criticising my build when his build was awful in the first place, Started saying "OMG" "..." "Zilean!" whenever i could not achieve something and i just felt that he was very salty about me mentioning the fact that he blatantly failed to use my ult, I told him that if he did not stop i would report him and he started calling me the "flamer" "rager" "tard" "blind" , What struck me most is that he actually believed that i was the one flaming. He also was with a premade who kept saying "No comment" all the time. The system cant detect these guys, They are really toxic KEEP IN MIND, THIS GUY WAS PLATINUM.
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