Why did i get banned....

Im writing this just after my account got permanently banned.... Im just wondering how all this works cause apparently i got banned for trolling/feeding in a game i tried to win. So i was playing sylas and got destroyed hard by their Yasuo. Im talking like 4 deaths in 4 min so i decided to switch lane to top where i still got destroyed as hard. So at the time i was like 0/8 in 10min maybe so i just thought screw it ill try to be a jungler ill might be more useful then. But i ended up not ganking anyone cause i didnt know who to gank cause top was one shotting me, mid was oneshotting me and i didnt see an opportunity to gank bot so i ended up just fighting their jungler over and over again. so i ended up going 0/12 that game and got banned for it. I also wasnt aggressive at all in chat and didnt say anything bad at all to anyone. Alsothats the only game showing on my ban card. So im wondering if anyone can help me understand why i got banned cause surely i shouldnt be able to be banned for being bad? Update: i have sent a ticket and i got an answer turns out i wasnt trolling so heres the chat log i got banned for having a discussion [15:35] Sylas: havent u read at all [16:28] Sylas: ok how am i trolling huh? [16:32] Sylas: i left my lane? [19:07] Sylas: similar isnt the right answer [19:11] Sylas: cause ur so wrong And to me. This just raises more questions to me than it answers. How is this in any way bannable??? it was like 5 sentances about how in my opinion i wasnt trolling. Plus this was in a normal game where i like to chat more with people than i usually do in ranked. AND the last 2 sentances was because i wanted a more expanded answer

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