Assigned roles and those who refuse to accept them: what report function do we use?

According to Lyte not accepting your assigned role is bannable. But there are no options for this in the report screen. An example: I was assigned support, showed which support champ I was to pick, but ended up having to ADC because premades demanded that the one who was assigned ADC got the support role. The game went really badly, but that's beside the point. When I pick support/mid it's because those are my good roles. If they can harass you out of your assigned lane/role, what's the point of the new champ select to help rid us of all these arguments and trolling? Now, she was not in any way unfriendly or flaming other than this. I was simply informed they were premade, going bot and I better take ADC because they wouldn't. I reported her, but wasn't sure at all which option to take, so I took unsportsmanslike conduct, or whatever that one is called. And wrote in description what the issue was. Would be nice with a "refused to take assigned lane" report function, so these guys will learn their lesson a little quicker. As it is the chat logs won't show any issue, as there weren't really any flaming going on. What are thoughts on this? I know in the old champ select you had to at times just accept the role you ended up with as last pick, but in this case we were not only assigned roles, but I was in the middle of the list, and she was last. I hate the fact that it's easy to bully me out of a lane/role simply because I won't punish the entire team for a couple of people not playing by the rules. If we need an ADC, I'll play an ADC, but it's just a shitty thing to do taking a lane from someone else who had the actual rights to it.

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