Afks ruining my game and causing demotion

Hi everyone, today I had an odd game. I was playing with a premade jgl and me support, ranked solo/duo queue. It started off by the enemy jungler inting 6 kills to us. Well everyone agreed okay lets report him 9 times. All fine. So the enemy jgler started playing normally, quite good actually and it was back to an even game (we kinda suck so they caught up quick after those ints). All seemed fine, we outscaled them hard with a xayah/lulu combo. Then my premade jgler disconnected, afterwards he told me his internetprovider had some kind interference in our town for 2-3 hours. So it was a 4v5, seemed all fine to me since we were so powerful. We lost a few objectives but we outscaled. Then our midlaner started acting out. He was crying about he didn't get blue buffs, eventhough he got the 2nd and 3rd buff. He started to afk in side lanes. One fight we won 3v5 because our midlaner came in to help in the end of the fight, even got some inhibs. My hopes were high, we could win this 4v5. Now all that hope went down the drain, midlaner straight up afking, but moving so he didnt get disconnected. Lost the 3v5 of course and got demoted. Now I don't ever want those players to play in my games ever again. Most agreed to report the enemy jungler for inting, eventhough he stopped later. So that is fine I am pretty sure with 3-5 reports he will be looked at. So that seemed fine. Our jungler couldn't help it so I don't really mind. But the problem is our mid laner. I think only me and my adc reported him for afk/negative attitude but I am pretty sure that wont be enough for him to be punished. So what do you do in this scenario. I don't care that people play bad, I do it all the time it is fine. But when you purposefully try to ruin a game, like the enemy jungler and our midlaner, you can just f off you know. Any suggestions if I could do something extra about to clean out this community? I clipped the ints and the afks. Thank you for reading, if not TL;DR Enemy jgl ints, decides to play, our jungler disconnects. 4v5 still winnable, midlaner afks > lose game > demoted
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