14 day ended. I am afraid for permaban, because follow reasons:

Hi evryone, My 14 day ban just ended. Yesterday i played 3 ranked games. It went great, because i finaly realiste that i was so dumb. There is no point to flame. And i will not flame once anymore! But lets stay to the point. I am afraid to still get permbanned because follow reasons: 1) false reports? 2) buggsplat, somtimes they must remake because me. 3) somtimes my internet goes down, and they can report me for afk? But is afk reports the same as getting banned for be toxic. I have spend 775 euro on my main acc Duchy ( and i think thats much for sombody thats only is 17 years old). I dont want to lose my acc if they report me for afk if its not me but my internet. Thanks in advance all.
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