I really think someone from Riot should see this thread, and I'm interested in your guys opinion

Hello guys, So, I'm gonna be brief. I've been playing League since season 3, I've always played for fun, and I've had really nice and enjoyable time doing so, invested a good ammount of money too. I've never played "competitevely", but since I was silver most of the time, I decided this season to play more seriously. So I started at s5, played over 200 games in this season already, and at gold 4 atm. The ammount of flame and offensive messages I've seen is crazy. Never was a flamer, the first ban I've got was 2 weeks ban in December 2017, because 4 premades reported me for writing 'outplayed'. Now, some of my prev games were really unenjoyable to play because people I got matched with were just straight pricks. Flaming for so called feeding, when they were like 0/7 themselves etc. Stuff that doesn't matter. And I've received some pretty disturbing messages in game. I just mute/rep, and go on. All this resulted in tilt, because I've spent too much time playing in the past month, and seen too many flamers. My last game for example was on top. I was getting camped for the first 10 minutes of the game by 2 people, and jungler didn't even care. I asked him to come, to which he said he won't. Then, when I wen't like 0/3 because I was ganked like 7 times already, the team started flaming. Bot supp started trolling and flaming adc, she came top and continued feeding. Now, my jungler started talking in all chat, offensive to me and half the enemy team. I just told him that he sucks as a jungler. So, they reported me, I think i got couple reports from my team, but enemy team agreed to report our jungle/supp. I was getting ready for another game, went in champ select, and BAAM, message, I was** perma banned**. What? Seriously? I thought this can't be cause I never offended anyone in game for years of playing They keep showing me messages from my last 3 games, one of them was a normal game, as the reason i got banned i suppos. The most offensive thing I've said to someone is that he's a f-in moron. I need u to understand this, because some things they wrote me made me tilted. Is this the reason to get perma banned? After all this time of playing? And not a single warning? Come on. I've played for over 150 hours in this season alone, I think it's normal that i snap sometimes as well, but my messages weren't that offensive. Do i need to send a ticket to Riot or something to look this up, because I think that ths ban is not deserved and should be lifted. If not, that's fine, I've had a fun time playing the game, and I guess I should just find another game to play. By the way. when u get banned, they say something like : "Other players judged your comms to be offensive", and "everyone deserve respect on the rift". But where's my respect? How can my comments be judged by other players, that offended me way more? Thanks, whoever took time to read and respond. Sincerely, Cix P.S chat logs form my last game are below. The thing that bothers my is they only show what I wrote, without showing what was written by others. Even though they said they wish I died, and similar things. Cix: luckerrrrr Cix: eve Cix: 3 ganks on top Cix: can u come Cix: cool Cix: he is camping me still Cix: top is gg Cix: lost too much farm and my jungler doesnt even care Cix: %%%%in 4 ganks Cix: eve Cix: u suck dude Cix: no ganks in 12 mins come on Cix: i got ganked %%%%in 6 times? Cix: probably Cix: im getting camped cause im zero yeah Cix: nice Cix: ur so low Cix: dont play jungle ever Cix: im higher than u? Cix: yeye Cix: ur silver 2 holy %%%% hahahaha Cix: no her main is b5 Cix: this game Cix: no idea Cix: just unlcky i guess Cix: just surr this Cix: please report eve Cix: 5 ganks in 4 min Cix: 0 ganks 20 min Cix: dude Cix: just dont play this game Cix: cause ur ruining it for othes Cix: just rep this kid Cix: for toxic moron Cix: NIIIICE Cix: she came top for the first time guys Cix: in 23 mins Cix: and ur 0 Cix: period Cix: score matters Cix: score wins games Cix: in b5 maybe where she came from Cix: bruv karma ganked top more than eve Cix: i hope u get perma Cix: shes just jealous shes silver lel Cix: so u shielded :D Cix: :D:D Cix: shut up kid :) Cix: my man Cix: lets get her banned Cix: why are u pinging my runes now Cix: just explain Cix: yeah but vs gp its not Cix: if i had a jungler that is Cix: bruv Cix: i was never 1b1 Cix: ne ver Cix: for the first 10 mins hecarim was on toip Cix: yeah gg Cix: so low Cix: smurf tactics Cix: ? Cix: eve u dont %%%%in exist to me in this game Cix: ur invisible Cix: just like top was invisible for u Cix: so dont talk to me, dont ping me Cix: dont even care
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