Emotional players, how do you deal with your emotions in game?

I'm constantly getting more and more tired of playing MOBA games, especially League of Legends of course. Not because the game isn't good, or because I'm a bad player, but as (I hope) many of you know, for an emotional (really emotional) gamer (like me) it can be stressful sometimes. Well there are times where I get so much fun, with great people in game, play nicely, smoothly and sometimes there are really raging games, where my emotions are just beyond me. It gets very stressful for me starting a ranked game, because I know I may rage or not. I managed to control my chat flaming when that happens, but how do you guys manage to control yourselves? I mean, how do you try not to rage at something in game? (Please do not come out with the same bs everyone says "It's just a game", i mean, if it was "just a game" as everyone says I would have dropped it 3 years ago) Sorry if I don't make any sense, just try to understand

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