Riot matchmaking exposed, but YOU probably deserve it

This has been bothering me for quite a while now. I can finaly confirm the "unfair" matchmaking. As u all can guess I play Tryndamere for the lolz on this acc, having 10 winning streaks, next to 9 last week. Suddenly my team bans Tryndamere and I decide to troll them with Shaco staying afk in base. After the match they all reported me, well deserved if you ask me. Funny thing is they almost won 4v5, good teamwork, but in the end they came up too short. Now I was an total ass and deserved the reports, but what happened after that is just beyond believes. My winratio dropped from 70% to just below 60% now. I was having win streaks of atleast 4 matches atleast not too long ago, but after that Shaco trollery everything went downhill. I have now out of 10 matches only one win. 3 of those matches were trolled the first 3 min, my last 5 matches I won my lane, except for this very last one. I was 4-4, but with our top 1-9, 1-7 and 1-5, it was quite hard to keep up. My previous match we didnt have an jungler, because our last pick forgot to take smite. It's not that they 're bad, but the most striking thing is how toxic my team now is. I rarely had any trouble before, now every single game is toxic as hell. Take example from one of my recent games, after first blood our support decided to come to my lane and support a solo laner, refusing to play with our "retarded" adc according to him. One of those games I had a Morgana with 20-72 W/L. How the hell did I get teamed up with her, having 26-8 W/L during that time? I was 25/6 at some point, now I have 46-38. If you get reported, you will most likely be teamed up with same toxic players, to prevent "normal" players from having this trouble. You can tell ur nice little stories how every 1/2 game you get an rage quiter/troll, the point is most of our community knows how to behave unlike very little of us, yes inlucidng meself. They dont understand us, because they'r not labeled into one group. You might be good, winning ur lane most of the time, while every SINGLE other lane loses, people trolling every 1/2 games, but as long as you're toxic urself you deserve it. Ofcourse having to play with these people makes you more toxic than usualy, but you are to blame, like meself for going afk. I can confirm this theory having 3 smurfs, eveyrthing is going perfect until I get reported, suddenly you wake up in hell. Once again, no one will believe us, because they're matched in a different group. Maybe we deserve it, but I just wanted to let you know why you're probably stuck eventho you're playing good. {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:23}}

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