Intentionally losing/tilting

This is a big topic for me since i see this so many times its absurd how this isnt adressed. Now a big portion of people losing due to tilt is reasoned by toxic flame. And while this holds true i often times look a lot deeper in it to find cause for the toxic flame. With the reliance of more and more teamwork with each season to win a game you often times find yourself losing games that are already won because someone is trying to lose intentionally. Now that someone is toxic and must be reported BUT why does he or she behave like that in the first place? In about 85% of games i played in those situations its mostly because somebody else IN their team was doing something. My last game i was malph top (winning) with a super snowballing bot (mf/naut). The only ones that werent doing so hot were the jungler (pant) and ahri. Now the game was practically won, the only thing left was grouping and pushing for the win. But ahri was already tilting (not saying anything in chat yet tho) because pant suicided couple of times mid. When we called for the group the blue buff was up. Ahri wanted to bluebuff and stated if she didnt get this one she would not play anymore. Now thats taking someone hostage and yes, should be reported BUT the GAME was already won, which is why pant should have given her the blue, win the game, and report her afterwards. Instead HE decided to take it, laugh and make her afk which made us lose 4vs5. Now there are plenty of scenarios and laners are toxic. But when you have already "won" a game and you just tilt that one person over the board for no reason i find this should be reportable aswell. Yes that ahri was a dck but that pantheon took a win from 3 players just troll another. Same thing with supports that decide to not peel for an ADC @ another won game. You get a Fed vayne and literally 5-8k gold lead and all you have to do is win 1 more teamfight. But instead peeling for the vayne that support is acting like a pregnant women on rage and just decides to not use Anything to help out, leading to vaynes death and loss of the teamfight. Vaynes obvious reaction is toxic flame, WHCIH AGAIN should be reported and is not acceptable. BUT the source should not be ignored either. The source of the flame is punishing other players aswell. How is it that player focus so hard on a toxic player but never ask for the source? there was a good example i once heard from wifes getting hit by their husbands (domestic violence) While everyone is rightly talking about the bad husbands, nobody ever questions the motives. Like i dont say those have to legitimize or be reasonable for anything, but u NEVER ever question? Maybe the wife was doing drugs and poisining the kids (extrem). I think its about time we look beyond whats just infront of us.
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