Low elo is literally uncarriable solo.

Basically you can't carry low elo no matter what. No matter what role you pick its literally impossible unless you are a smurf from challenger/grand master. People in iron/bronze/silver and sometimes even gold feed the enemies so fast that you can't literally do anything about that. JuSt FaRm So ThEy CaN't BeAt YoU lOl. Even with amazing fricking farm you won't still be able to carry. Why? No matter what you simply can't keep up to a 8/0 botlane at 15 minute in enemy team. Even giving people a tip before game how NOT to feed does nothing. These people literally run it down and i don't really know how to tell them how not to. Any tip on carrying these people? I don't think i can do any real thing against a 5/0 {{champion:119}} that literally oneshoots me as an {{champion:238}}. Not only that but people in my team are almost always nothing. You ask about enemy team? Good teamplay, good kda, good farm, good map knowlege. My team? Nothing. They don't even try NOT to feed. Im sick of this. Any tips? Tried literally anything but if you have an idea feel free.
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