Honest question for everyone in the forum regarding toxicity.

Hello It has bothered me for quite some time now , does everyone think that its worse to be toxic or to legit int. EXAMPLE: 3 people mid im there trying to defend 2 tier turret amumu doing his gromp, i give up the turret they continue to push to inhib turret(at this point i was fine with him giving up the 2nd tier prob. couldnt def. the turret bcz it was low on hp) amumu goes top to take a wave while im getting sieged , got dove as far a behind the inhib amumu still top not giving a fk and in the end we loose the inhib.(regardless of my marks for him to come mid right after they took 2 tier and of course like a normal human being i got pissed at him for taking a wave and giving up 2 turrets and an inhib which followed a free drake for the enemy team and flamed him for what he did or rather didn't do). My flame was along the line of *pretend its all caps in all chat*: What are you doing,What are you doing (to which i got no response then i continued) What are you doing you R-word or moron(dont remember) Now i know this is a bit too specific but even if it isn't the case above does everybody think that flame just comes out of nowhere? At some point somebody decides a fk it i will flame the shit out of jungle ,adc,mid.. just for the sake of flaming? Do people think that its flame when u want a justification to someones reason behind a play (even for the example above)? Again im not talking about the people who start flaming bcz a 5vs5 went bad(thats just stupid). Also what do people consider inting is as well? P.S: I know the tone is a bit angry however this happened a last week i think , but i just wanted to ask wanted do people think about inting and flaming in general(prob. someone is going to think that i need to be banned as well xd) and ty to whoever decided to give his opinion! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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