So when you get punished you get punished again and again.

So i was negative in one of my games i did not exactly flame anyone if anything they could not even read my messages. For example i basically said my enemy support is bad to my team in 'team chat' not in 'all chat' and i got a warning i tried to dispute this and the support team basically said "well you have had previous restrictions on this account due to that we will not be removing the restrictions and due to the fact you was negative and "egregious" behavior." Them saying "egregious" is well over the top my chat's did not even reach nowhere near that toxicity my chat restrictions have been lifted (as i played the required games for my chat restrictions to be lifted.) and ever since my teams are the worst. "We have audited your recent in-game behavior and issued chat restrictions due to excessive cases of verbal toxicity. They were placed on the account due to the consistent trend of negative behavior in your recent games." However they only highlighted 1 game and i was only negative in that 1 game but i must have received a lot of reports for them to take action. I have received chat restrictions before were i have shown consistently negative behavior and they highlighted three games where i have done so and yet when i requested to see more proof they gave me more 'read from textbook' type of answers their job is basically reading and copying textbook material a 10 year old can do that. Since i disputed and gave negative feedback all i have received as team mates are incompetent morons, afker's or people who just wanna chat and have a discussion in the middle of a game about how to play; they want to teach me when they still need to teach themselves. I did say i have previously been punished 3 games in a row and for all my previous punishments i did deserve a punishment this time too but they are punishing me from those previous punishments by saying what's above and now i am getting put in some kind of "prison island" So just letting you know, Riot don't have clean hands atleast not their support team. If i was being offensive in a way that could offend someone then by all means punish me, temp ban me i deserve it for being a complete c*** But when i am being negative in a minor way and giving me 25 chat restrictions for barely scraping the line in terms of negative behavior and knowingly flaming enemies from where they can not see my toxicity is undeserved but not completely i still deserve a punishment just not prison island type and a whole 25 chat restrictions. Here is my chat log: Hello, i was matched with highly toxic players and the text goes as follows: Game 1 MasterHolt: u lose mmr on / remake MasterHolt: so care not to MasterHolt: nope MasterHolt: the entire team MasterHolt: i lost 20 MasterHolt: earlier MasterHolt: well i know so MasterHolt: fck MasterHolt: fckign eve ( i got ganked by the enemy jungler and killed, it was indirect she could not see my chat as it was in team chat.) MasterHolt: 2 flashes down MasterHolt: see graves is uselesss (That was direct and slightly negative) MasterHolt: what can u do( towards graves) MasterHolt: no cc ( towards graves) MasterHolt: not going alone MasterHolt: i am sona MasterHolt: and supp MasterHolt: i make plays MasterHolt: fcking braum (Again he is on the enemy team he can not see what i am saying i am saying it towards my team and again he is not on my team so he cannot see my chat it is not in / all plus i have that disabled.) MasterHolt: trash (Read above; he cannot read my chat as he is in enemy team) MasterHolt: defend MasterHolt: ok enjoy ban (Vayne threatened to go AFK) MasterHolt: dude i am sona MasterHolt: i secured ur life ( flaming me for taking a kill) MasterHolt: u got rekt by lucian (Towards Vayne; he is flaming me) MasterHolt: no u are. (") (KEY (") = SAME PERSON) MasterHolt: and now ur muted. (") MasterHolt: and reported (") MasterHolt: enjoy :)P (") MasterHolt: im gold...bye (") MasterHolt: this vayne bought his acc? (") MasterHolt: you bought urs i got to gold myself i mean u wwasted money bro (") MasterHolt: yup u 2 (") MasterHolt: x9 reports on you (") MasterHolt: its gg MasterHolt: u all lost ur lanes MasterHolt: if u cant take kill then u need to improve MasterHolt: how u lose to this leblanc? MasterHolt: she is so bad (Towards Swain, not exactly negative saying his enemy laner is bad) MasterHolt: me? MasterHolt: report me? MasterHolt: for? MasterHolt: check my match history MasterHolt: u do suck bvayne (Slightly negative towards Vayne) MasterHolt: u do. (") MasterHolt: im not okay im goood. (") MasterHolt: the rage on that kid (") MasterHolt: i would have belived he just got ouplayed but when he starts tilting u know he's bad (") MasterHolt: oh srry i thought it was vayne wqho left So basically i got punished for telling vayne she lost her lane, im reporting her, muting her, i asked if she bought her acc. I told graves he is useless as he has no cc and did nothing over the entirety of the game. Once again i could not have flamed eve or braum as i spoke in team chat and they were the enemy and yet i received restrictions i was negative towards graves and towards Vayne but i can't see anything highly offensive worth punishment here. This is the only game i remember being this negative in. If you had the time to read this thank you in advance, sorry for boring you but could you please let me know if 25 chat restrictions and prison island (unofficially; i just had 1 afker in 1 game and the next 1 aswel so seems like i am.) I have been losing games since,. I don't think i am pro, or "goood" i know i am an avg player like a lot of players and i am working on improving. I don't just blame my team i know i make mistakes in my games too which could be game changing, i was tired and very impatient on that day and pretty much have been since.
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