A guide how to report people properly Negative Attitude vs Verbal Abuse

Over the years I have seen many toxic players in my games. It's not uncommon to have 3 or 4 valid report tickets I have to send to riot. To make life of riot easyer I want to make a guide to help them getting these players to justice or add least warn them in time so they can reform themself. #Unsportmanship This is one of the most frequent type of behaviors in league of legends. Useally these are players that want to see the game burn (trolls) or think they are better add the game than others (dictators). Unsportmanship can be reported as "Negative Attitude" and often "Verbal Abuse" depending on the scenario. ##Some examples of unsportmanship behaviour: * **Passive Aggressive Flaming:** Not every flamer use words, their are enouge pings in the game right now to attack a certain player. This behaviour can be reported as **"Negative Attitude"** if it's severe enouge. * **Raging:** Also known as flaming with words. This can be devided into two groups: * **Raging general:** Flaming about the game or team as a whole. This can be reported as **"Negative Attitude"** * **Raging individuals:** Flaming specific players. This can be reported as **"Verbal Abuse"** * **Bullying:** Also known as giving criticism with bad intentions. This can be reported as **"Negative Attitude"**. The most common example of this is 'gg ez'. What is reportable for **"Negative Attitude"** (in some scenario it can be reported as Verbal Abuse as well). * **Post Game Flaming:** This is when people flaming you, the team or the game in general in lobby and after the game has ended. Some even add you so they can flame you some more. This is a severe form and is reportable by **"Negative Attitude"** and **"Verbal Abuse"** depending on the form of flame the player is spreading. * **Refuse to communicate with the team:** This had their own report option ones and it was removed for a reason. In low MMR this is a really difficult thing to report because the lack of game knowledge. But their are clear scenario's where this can be reported as **"Negative Attitude"** In general many players are not not aware for what things they can be punished and unsportmanship in general is where most of them are located. It takes a lot of time for someone to get banned on Negative Attitude alone but their where cases when this happend. If you have a account history full of Negative Attitude you will be severe punished when a case of Verbal Abuse is vertified. I left "Intentional Feeding", "Leaving the Game/AFK", "Hate speech", "Offensive or Inappropriate Name" out this guide because that was straight towards and terms of "Cheating" you only have to known to click this on when you suspect that player is a bot or is scripting. I hope both toxic as non-toxic players found this guide helpfull. Good Luck ;)
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