Why does platinum players suck?

I'm gold 3 and I've been playing with some platinums lately, and especially those on my team has been toxic noobs that thinks they are better than everyone else because they are platinum, I don't see any difference in how a bronze player would play and how a platinum player plays, I just had a Fizz saying that it's his job to get them to low hp, yeah this would be true, as long as he would follow the team and do that when team is around, he went from super fed, to going only solo all the time, after a while their Jinx got fed beyond normal and she could 1v1 Fizz, who still at the end of the game tried to 1v5 them, then we have the jungler who missed 3 smites a row, a top laner who also thinks he's a god with Fiora and is being toxic against me, who played Thresh and got 2/6/21 in the end, and had all wards on the map at all times. Oh then an Ezreal who said he's smurfing, and he was toxic against me too because he said "I almost won 1v2 in botlane" and everytime I did something he pinged me and called me boosted, while not remembering the 4 kills I gave to him in lane. So why the %%%% does plat players think they are better than everyone else, I said that im gold and that im not the best but I try to fulfill my job as a support, hooked their adc protecting my team, I think I did it well, and then everyone from my team was like "ah that explains it) Well if I would be gold 3 and suck, I wouldn't match up with plats now wouldn't I? It's so triggering that people thinks they are better than u, but end up throwing a game that would let u go to promos........ Im done... Good Night!
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