How can this game be fair ?

Here is the chat logs of my last 2 matches that lead to my ban Game 1 ZUltimateWarrior: heca troll ZUltimateWarrior: WTF are u doing ??? ZUltimateWarrior: why did u waste ur mana ZUltimateWarrior: i go farm ZUltimateWarrior: u will ruin my lane ZUltimateWarrior: i dont need you ZUltimateWarrior: morg why did u help him ? ZUltimateWarrior: heca ZUltimateWarrior: next time dotn wasste ur mana and go b ZUltimateWarrior: ok stop talking ty ZUltimateWarrior: STOP ZUltimateWarrior: FFAS ZUltimateWarrior: MORGAANA ZUltimateWarrior: SHIELD ME ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ZUltimateWarrior: MORGANA ZUltimateWarrior: OMG ? ZUltimateWarrior: morgana u went 2 v 1 and gave lucain free kill ZUltimateWarrior: u still talking ? ZUltimateWarrior: why ZUltimateWarrior: so u troll me ? ZUltimateWarrior: lmao ZUltimateWarrior: i go my lane ZUltimateWarrior: keep flaming as long as u want ZUltimateWarrior: Tresh is using his stun on me and u shield ur self ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: gj ZUltimateWarrior: feed viktor and its lost for sure ZUltimateWarrior: yasou talking ZUltimateWarrior: LUX ZUltimateWarrior: WHY DID U FEED VIKTOR ZUltimateWarrior: morgana u dont shield me u dont eve n Q anyone ZUltimateWarrior: idk why u are talking ZUltimateWarrior: u just Q minoins ZUltimateWarrior: i dont care ZUltimateWarrior: flame ? ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: if morgana trolls me then yes i dont care ZUltimateWarrior: and jungler says no ganks bot ZUltimateWarrior: mute me for saying truth ? ZUltimateWarrior: he is trolling me bec i didnot let gnar adc ZUltimateWarrior: u never shileded me from tresh hooks ZUltimateWarrior: i dont care keep flaming ZUltimateWarrior: doesnot rly matter ZUltimateWarrior: how ? ZUltimateWarrior: they flame ZUltimateWarrior: all match' ZUltimateWarrior: u never was even from the beginning of the match morgaba ZUltimateWarrior: go roam doesnot matter ZUltimateWarrior: ty ZUltimateWarrior: sad ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: I WAS DEAD ZUltimateWarrior: morgana is the one flaming all match ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: i dont care contuine pls give them more chat logs ZUltimateWarrior: thsi guy made me titled ZUltimateWarrior: y ZUltimateWarrior: HECA GO TANK ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ? ZUltimateWarrior: xD ZUltimateWarrior: LOOK ZUltimateWarrior: HECA AND MORG FLAMING ALL MATCH and look at them ZUltimateWarrior: WOW ZUltimateWarrior: contuine ZUltimateWarrior: u just dont deserve to win it ZUltimateWarrior: keep flaming ZUltimateWarrior: GNAR ZUltimateWarrior: STOP ZUltimateWarrior: WTF? ZUltimateWarrior: ok gnar ZUltimateWarrior: go carry it ZUltimateWarrior: u take all kills ZUltimateWarrior: xDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: nice score jungler ZUltimateWarrior: gj ZUltimateWarrior: xD ZUltimateWarrior: heals me after i die ZUltimateWarrior: wtf ZUltimateWarrior: see this flamer ? ZUltimateWarrior: igo farm iam done playing with this flamers ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: gg ZUltimateWarrior: keep it ZUltimateWarrior: i stilldont care ZUltimateWarrior: ty ZUltimateWarrior: gg guys Game 2 ZUltimateWarrior: invade rengar / ZUltimateWarrior: ? ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: jhin ZUltimateWarrior: ur not tank ZUltimateWarrior: wtf is this champ ZUltimateWarrior: omg ZUltimateWarrior: heca ZUltimateWarrior: stop taking all ZUltimateWarrior: XDD ZUltimateWarrior: i didnot give 4 kills to oriana ZUltimateWarrior: smart guy' ZUltimateWarrior: ur trolling already ZUltimateWarrior: xD ZUltimateWarrior: 0 ganks mid ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: IP USH ? ZUltimateWarrior: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: doesnot matter ZUltimateWarrior: gg anyways ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: wow ZUltimateWarrior: kk ZUltimateWarrior: gj ZUltimateWarrior: cd ZUltimateWarrior: gg ZUltimateWarrior: y ZUltimateWarrior: i stoped carryiong when they all starting flaming ZUltimateWarrior: caring* ZUltimateWarrior: XD ZUltimateWarrior: did i even say that word ? ZUltimateWarrior: lmao ZUltimateWarrior: keep flaming ZUltimateWarrior: idc ZUltimateWarrior: we cannot ZUltimateWarrior: supp with no sightstone and says report lux.. ZUltimateWarrior: rly sad ZUltimateWarrior: gj ZUltimateWarrior: kk Game 3 ZUltimateWarrior: no its stone ZUltimateWarrior: plastic ZUltimateWarrior: sivir ZUltimateWarrior: i will steal skarner1s blue ZUltimateWarrior: wtf ? ZUltimateWarrior: why mute me lul ZUltimateWarrior: k whatever ZUltimateWarrior: aff ZUltimateWarrior: sivir dc ZUltimateWarrior: omg ZUltimateWarrior: niope ZUltimateWarrior: lost game ZUltimateWarrior: even fi he comes back ZUltimateWarrior: he lost farm ZUltimateWarrior: free win anyways wp ZUltimateWarrior: adc afk = defeat ZUltimateWarrior: HELP ME ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ZUltimateWarrior: gg ZUltimateWarrior: guys ZUltimateWarrior: i go ap blitz ZUltimateWarrior: adc afl ZUltimateWarrior: ok ? ZUltimateWarrior: maybe we can win like that ZUltimateWarrior: no ZUltimateWarrior: cannot have 1 normal game in this elo ZUltimateWarrior: guys play safe ZUltimateWarrior: fveiger just stck and hcarrt ZUltimateWarrior: i grap them for you ZUltimateWarrior: we can win ZUltimateWarrior: shouldnot do that ZUltimateWarrior: SIVIR BACK ZUltimateWarrior: AFTER WE LOSE ZUltimateWarrior: SIVIR ZUltimateWarrior: DONT TALK ZUltimateWarrior: TILL END OF MATCH ZUltimateWarrior: ITS LOST ZUltimateWarrior: noc babysit untill sivir farms ZUltimateWarrior: ggj ZUltimateWarrior: veiger ZUltimateWarrior: he ganked us ZUltimateWarrior: sivir needs farm ZUltimateWarrior: JUIST STACK AND STOP FLAME ZUltimateWarrior: FFS ZUltimateWarrior: dies with no vision ZUltimateWarrior: blames team ZUltimateWarrior: afk adc is defeat as i said ZUltimateWarrior: no doubts ZUltimateWarrior: ITS NOT OUR FAULT ZUltimateWarrior: WE LOST CUZ OF YOU ZUltimateWarrior: THIS MATCH WAS DAMN EASY ZUltimateWarrior: SIVIR GO FARM ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ZUltimateWarrior: sivir ZUltimateWarrior: farm bot ZUltimateWarrior: come ZUltimateWarrior: just run ZUltimateWarrior: can u leave sivir farrm bot pls ? ZUltimateWarrior: this is not fair game ZUltimateWarrior: pls leave sivir farm bot can you ? ZUltimateWarrior: BRAND ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ZUltimateWarrior: its just sad to lose like this cuz of afkers ZUltimateWarrior: mean enemies ZUltimateWarrior: just try ZUltimateWarrior: pls ZUltimateWarrior: BRANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ZUltimateWarrior: iam done ZUltimateWarrior: surr pls ZUltimateWarrior: LOOK ZUltimateWarrior: DEFND THE DAMN BASE ZUltimateWarrior: TROLLERS ZUltimateWarrior: we lost cuz of the afker not noc ZUltimateWarrior: gj sivir ZUltimateWarrior: DEF ZUltimateWarrior: WTF ZUltimateWarrior: GG ZUltimateWarrior: def ZUltimateWarrior: only ZUltimateWarrior: XD ZUltimateWarrior: only poke ZUltimateWarrior: lol ZUltimateWarrior: we are 5 ) How can i be compared to people that curse and use all kind of bad words , wishes cancer , spam report and noob i just dont understand , well atleast i got a reason to leave after spending 3 -4 years on same account iam just sad because of the effort and time i wasted on this game iam not here trying to get unbanned bec thats unlikely to happen i just want to know do you think this syste mis fair enough ?
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