I'm back, tell me what you think about

Hey guys i'm back, im here to tell you what happened to me..and asking you what you could do in that situation. RANKED DRAFT MODE, i Queue up Jungle - Bot (i only main jungle), Match found, Ayy i'm jungle, MattSt** a guy queue in Midlane asked me "Hey can i jungle?". I just main it so i said no sry, then what happened, ban phase finished, He instalocked Volibear with smite...forcing me to go Support*, you ask now..why support? Well there was a guy queued support that said "Someone gets supp im not going to supp", OK... So you guys what would you have done if you were in my place?? Flame him or just play the game?.. I mean i just main jungle..i'm trash support. The game finished with a Defeat, voli jungle did nothing, midlaner that was support closed 2 9 °-°. You know guys what i did?? I flamed him hard hard hard so hard if he was here ahead of me i would have liked to bang him down...But well you can't. At the end of the game i reported that Volibear typing "Dear RIOT Games, Why if someone is queued mid has to instalock jungle and force other players to go in roles that they are not good? This is not against the Summoner Code?? This is not a thing that make people FLAME? But yeah better ban the flamer no? :) " /DISCUSS

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