How i lost my game

This isn't a rant post or anything, just thought i see share a little aftermath to a wonderful match of League of legends. So i was having great support game, our lane was winning, i had few kills and my adc had few kills and only 10 minutes had passed, other lanes/junglers were quite equal in score's and items, till everyone gathered to take the first fire drake. The moment i{{champion:497}} engaged towards their mid laner{{champion:157}}, it all wen't south but not in the way you would think. The moment i was going to click on flash and W to engage, my little dog tried to jump on my lap but failed and plumbed into my ++++. After that we lost the match because i were afk in the base. The moral of this post is not to judge others for going afk, absolutely anything can happen, what would you have done, if this had happened to you? And i'm sorry, if you were in my team.
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