Option to mute pings.

**TL;DR :** I suggest an option to mute/block pings from individual players to stop the annoying spammers from killing your ears with pings and clogging the chat window with "(champion) is asking for assistance" lines, allowing you to focus on the game and receiving the information that you actually need instead of having to deal with that kid. It could be a small menu that's brought up by right clicking the mute button. Perhaps even add a functionality to block emotes so you can take a rest from that enemy laner who's spamming ctrl+4. **Actual Post :** I'm sorry that my first post ever on the boards has to be so salty, but I'm just gonna put it here and see what people think. First, I understand that pings are a **HUGE** part of communication in League and that disabling them would greatly hinder team communication. However, when a person is simply doing nothing but being absolutely annoying, muting him would only mute his messages without pings, and asking him kindly to shut up in the chat doesn't stop him from pinging you 10 times a second. I was playing jungle and had this Draven who would literally ping assistance and defend pings whenever his pings are off cooldown. I did not ignore the lane, I did not ignore him, but he would insist that I gank in situations where the lane is too pushed, and/or I'm too far away from the lane anyway, I have a jungle to attend to you know? His excuse being that he's a first time Draven and needs help to win his lane even though Tahm Kench was trying his best with Draven failing to follow correctly and either going ahead of himself and dying alone or leaving Tahm to die after a good engage that he ignored. I tried to explain to him in the chat that, "the lane is too pushed", "I can't gank them under tower", "it's not my job to win you the lane", "just play safe and farm up", and then while I was ganking top or something he just went "fuk you so much vi". Even though Draven wasn't exactly good, I can't blame him for the loss, everyone made their mistakes. I know this looks like a silly excuse, but later the team pointed out how the enemy team had 4 dragons and we had none, and while I had nothing to reply with since they were right that it's a mistake from me, I just felt like I couldn't pay attention to anything and was completely confused during the game because of the amount of pings I'd receive from that Draven alone. It's annoying as sh*t to hear the ping sound over and over and over and just reading 9 lines of "(champion) is asking for assistance" every time you look at the goddamn chat window. So I think, maybe if right clicking the mute button would bring up an additional small menu with the option to block pings as well? Perhaps even add a functionality to block emotes (just like how muting currently blocks the mastery emote.) so you can also take a rest from that enemy laner who spams ctrl+4. Again I understand how important pings are for team communication (I have won games with good teams where everybody almost never typed anything in the chat, just pinging each other) and even though this is a semi-rare case I just want a way to deal with this annoyance. Now I know that you can change the ping sound volume in the settings, but I don't find that useful because I still want to receive and _hear_ pings from the other players and because it still won't stop the annoying pinger from flooding the chat window with assistance requests. **Edit : **For clarity, the post's title should be "Option to mute (block) individual player pings." Thanks to everybody who contributed to the post by upvoting and commenting or even just reading it and moving on. **Edit 2 : **Added TLDR at the top of the post.
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