The Flamer population seems really a bit like Dead-pants this Times

Greetings Fellow summoner's I've noticed in the last time (Like 2 Month's) That the Flamer population grown a little bit dead I don't know if it's just me , but i've met the last time a Flamer in a Bot-game (Only for First - Win of the day) When i stole the Drake from Kayle with Gnar's Q she said - ''You silver retard x'D'' It just didnt felt like Flame :P It's only Flaming if it's supposed to hurt you or hurts I didn't noticed someone making Fun of cancer anymore I don't know what it is , If it's just because the Tribunal is this times especialy active with the permabans , or because of the Hex-Tech crafting punishment well that's all i have to say , tell me what you think of that (And ofc i've met some Rager who called me a hacker in ARAM for playing Donger with Rylais <3 , but it's not really anoying as long as they don't write it in CAPS Lock :3)
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