Okay, let's talk for real: Playing "Overpowered" Champions, without being fluid in them (In Ranked)

We've all seen them. The crowd that goes like : "I main X, but since Y is OP I'll take Y in Z role". And they end up completly screwing their team for not being able to do anything decent on that role. Lately that role is jungle. Oh boy, so many first/second picks locking in {{champion:11}} ,{{champion:24}} and {{champion:102}} . Then they end up being counterjungled, wondering where their farm as gone and taking up the farm from the midlaners, or powerfarming even if there are 3 free kills on the map waiting for a single engage. Seriously people, wake up. Even if X champion were to be overpowered, don't think that you'll be the one carrying your team, if you're unable to benefit yourself without harming your team, you are not carrying, you're gambling, and most likely you'll lose that bet. **So, in Conclusion:** If you're going into the mode where it's explicitly said to be _not a practice_, do everyone a favour and don't pick something that you don't know, unless you're experienced at that role.

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