Riot Games support bullies and ban accounts for profit

Hello, If you have spent a lot of money on your account and got permanently ban for just talking to people insulting you. Go see legal action. I had my account permanently ban for just talking. They can't ban you for just talking to people, there is freedom of speech in EU laws. Article 10 in document below. [European Convention on Human Rights]( My first account was ban with these simple text in the link below. [Permanent Ban]( If 2 or more players report you even you didn't do much, you get a punishment no matter what. They support this bully system because they want players to make new account and spend more money again. They don't care you spend your hard earned money on your account, they just want to make profits. Go see a legal consultation for more about this. I have seen players insulting my mother, being racists and other serious insults. You single report each one of them doesn't do anything to them since, they just honor each other and all report you alone. You get punish and they get nothing. Here a angry psycho flamer that still insults people and get nothing. [Tyler 1 continues to insult and get nothing]( Share this with other people and medias. They have been doing this fraud for more than 8 years. Also by law, they have to tell everything where they log and save your chats. Let me give an example below on how Riot Games support bullies and punish victims. Example game with team A and B with 5 players each side: 1A, 2A, 3A harass and insult 5A the whole game. 5A ask other players to report them. Since he report them alone and the 3 others reports him. Riots Games system says that 5A asking for people to report him is toxic. Since when a victim asking others for help toxic. They say to mute all, so these bullies can bully anyone and get nothing. 4A watching this can see clearly the bullies harassing 5A. He doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to get report in his turn. That was the case for me, getting insulted and bullying multiple games by group of people. Riots Games call me toxic for asking for help to report bullies. If that doesn't support bullying? Victims are to request for help and not to stay silent. The people who ban victims clearly support bullies and a victimized system since you can't do anything but let groups of people harass and insult you. In the board link below, it shows the behavior of Riot Games leadership. If their leadership is like that, how are the behavior of the persons judging the banning cases? [Riot Games Leaders Behavior](
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