Ranked games must have better defined rules !

Hear me first, hate (or support) me after ! I've been playing League for some years now, both for fun and competitive reasons, but now I fell like Ranked games are worst than the normal ones. I know that the human aspect has its part, I know everybody has its bad game/day but to be demoted just because players give up in the first 10 minutes is not that good. Most of my games are a constant fight with my teammates, because one lost objective or after giving first blood they start to tilt, blame everybody and give up in like 5 to 10 mins. I've been sending reports at the end of my most of my matches. Also, in Bronze / Silver tiers, most of the bans are for Zed, Yasuo, Master Yi, Vayne, not because they cannot be countered but many players that take them don't have a clue about that champ style, even some of them having 100.000 and after dying once, start blaming teammates. Also there are some boosted players that, God, ruin everything... So my problem, this kind of players ( I suppose there are also other types) ruin the fun and the competitive part of the game, I think that Rank shouldn't be for everyone, now it is too easy to play this king of the game. Having some strict rules will make the players think twice about playing Rank or Normal games, will improve the game experience and also will filter players that want to troll or maybe tilt too early in the game.
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