Why I stopped playing League of Legends

Today, I realised why I haven’t played League in so long. I have had a pretty busy couple of months right now, with University and a job, so finding time to play a game was hard to come by. But this afternoon I had a few hours to spare, so I decided I play a bit of League, like old times. The very first match I played truly expressed the real problem with this game, the toxicity. My match didn’t go well at all to begin with. At 10 minutes we were down a player, leaving a 4v5 for the next 30 minutes of the game, but despite this me and my team urged on and put up a valiant defence against all odds. Inevitably, we lost. I honestly didn’t mind, I was happy enough, said ‘gg’, ‘wp’ and thanked my team for doing so well despite being outnumbered. Unfortunately, this triggered red in the eyes of one my opponents, and a barrage of hateful comments came pouring out in post-game lobby. I laughed them off as I normally do, and my teammates stuck up for me, and soon after I left the lobby. Within seconds of leaving, a friend request appears from the angry player who insulted me. I hesitantly accept (a stupid move) to try and get an understanding on what has enraged this person so much. Instantly, he checks my ranking and tries to factor that into a hurtful comment (despite me outranking him by a whole league… I know, right…). Following this comes the usual plethora of toxic behaviour. The wishing of c***** upon myself, questioning my sexuality, and even wishing a holocaustic series of events to happen to my family. Why? I honestly don’t understand why people have to put so much hate spite into a person they encountered briefly in a game, over the internet. I don’t see what kind of sick pleasure these people get from this. Instead why don’t we show some love and respect to the people we meet. Instead of, ‘I hope you f****** die, you g**’, why not, ‘Nice job, keep up the good work’. Honestly, there is enough hatred in the world right now, that we should at least have an escape from it. Games provide this alternate reality in which we can play out fantasies and adventures, something to distract how minds on the horrors in our world, something to relieve the pressures society puts on us. League of Legends is just a vessel for toxicity. A great game nonetheless, but the community is poisoned by a sense that they have to be better than everyone else, and insults are a weapon in the war to better your fellow players. I know they are vast majority amazing people out there that play this game, and have had the fortunate of connecting with some, but it is the small minority that ruin the whole experience for me. I believe that I will probably not bother with another game of League for a few more months now, I don’t see the point. Of course I will probably play with friends, but just for being able to talk with them again over something we have played for a long time. I hope the people that read aren’t as put off by toxic players as me, and continue to be prime example of a great community that League can be. Thank you. _P.S: I know how to mute people, and ignore them but that won’t stop a hateful person being hateful. They exist just to exercise an evil within themselves to a stranger, they have never seen, just observed as pixels on a computer screen._

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