Rise of Toxicity, The "?" Ping and Mindset of Players

**Hello Summoners!** I would like to have a look onto how league players behaviour changed drastically in the last season maybe two and have a disscusion about it. Everything here is my opinion and majority of it is not supported by any evidence, only my expierience, thus don't scrape anything i say here straight away but look deeper into it with me and other players). **Introduction** To start with, yes im not an angel myself, i had times where i flamed someone when i shouldn't have, i showed my mistakes onto anything possible, even intentionally fed once (at least in normal draft :x), but 1. it's not happening every game, bah it happens occasionally / very rarely. I've build some patience for the games im jumping into and either im trying not to talk back at all, or give moral text with arguments behind it (for ex. we have better comp late game). So, im currently plat 2, i was diamond 5 last season, im not playing as often as i used to on my acc (i will get to that in a second) but i still know my mechanics, game knowledge and macro (to the extent of my abilities). **Rise of Toxicity** Ok now to the main topic, when i played much more in s7 than today, the flame that was appearing in the chat wasn't as often happening as i am playing now in s8. On top of that in most games where the flame appeared it happend 20-30 minutes into the game when any one could see which team is winning drastically, people would start to putting mistake notes onto each other and spending more time arguing than actually playing. "im not playing as often as i used to on my acc (i will get to that in a second)" I want to get into that, im playing with my friends on eune at around silver-gold mmr/elo, so im technically smurfing, but the key is i though the flame just appears more often in the lower ranks, but when i got back to euw, onto my main, just now, i played 3 games and at least 2 people each game flamed someone for something: feeding (being 0/2 in min 7 ain't that bad as they paint it) or doing something wrong altogether. I genuinely feel exhausted after the 3rd game and i don't want to continue (for now). I want to talk about giving up early, but that will be in the "Mindset of Players" section. Main point is i could see the difference back in s6-s7 in diamonds mind set and golds mindset, but know it looks the same. **The "?" Ping** For some reason I feel that the SS or missing ping should have a different image for itself. Back in season 1-3 i would say, people never used "?" to either bait, tilt someone from enemy team, spam it to teammate when they did something (put here whatever fits your expierience). Most i've seen was QQ, which is taken from Warcraft 2 where using alt+q+q would quit you from the whole pogram, thought most people of today think these are crying eyes. In terms of pings, peopel would spam to go back/away. Anyway, as the question mark became more popular riot unintetionally gave the players oppurtinity to have both in one, a loud ping with the sign that people usually use in the chat used as explained above. That's just my opinion/guess but i think if we would to take statistic of how many times this ping was used to signalize MIA (missing in action) and how many times it was used to tell people off, the percentage would probably beclose to 50/50, maybe even more on the "what are you doing?" side, because it's usualy spammed up to the limit, where people ping SS for around 2-4 times. So my idea was to just change the image of the ping, it could be a person exiting a door like a safety sign has or anything that says "x is not here", "i don't know where the x is". In terms of technical change it would be minor, but could be so major for the community, behaviour improvement and toxicity drop. **Mindset of Players** For the icing on the bitter cake i want to touch upon how mindset of people changed in between s7 and s8, mostly when riot made the game faster, you can surrender at 15 if all 5 players want to, gap between early game and lategame is smaller (snowball, early game champions is/are stronger, but fall faster). Because of how fast the game has become people tend to give up way faster that they should be (of course there are games when team score is 30/2, but mostly thats why we got ff 15 feature). I've heard that people in Korea do that because of the limited time in computer cafes which is kind of reasonable, but in america or europe majority of people play at home so... yea. To be honest i don't have a solution to that, we can't control peoples minds and mood (i guess i can call it that). So im looking forward to the comments about this topic as well as 2 previous ones to see what others think. So remember: "Being tiltproof wins you more games"
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