Do i deserve a ban? (permabanned)

Game 1 In-Game NootNootKahoot: so sad NootNootKahoot: wow NootNootKahoot: annie? NootNootKahoot: dying 2 times in 4 min isnt UNLUCKY NootNootKahoot: with an adc like this NootNootKahoot: we lost NootNootKahoot: ff 15? NootNootKahoot: cause i can NootNootKahoot: solo carry when top wont respond to invade NootNootKahoot: i pinged 20 times NootNootKahoot: why u losing in low elo NootNootKahoot: top NootNootKahoot: pro rengar NootNootKahoot: losing in low elo NootNootKahoot: BUT ITS LOW ELO NootNootKahoot: GET GOOD NootNootKahoot: imagine losing in low elo NootNootKahoot: 2 for 1 NootNootKahoot: u lost NootNootKahoot: top NootNootKahoot: k NootNootKahoot: he toxic tho NootNootKahoot: can you imagine NootNootKahoot: kk NootNootKahoot: said lv NootNootKahoot: 8 zed NootNootKahoot: Who cant kill lv 6 nunu NootNootKahoot: wp NootNootKahoot: for? NootNootKahoot: ganking bot NootNootKahoot: 0 3 NootNootKahoot: 0 4 NootNootKahoot: Report annie NootNootKahoot: int NootNootKahoot: true NootNootKahoot: even tho she counters u NootNootKahoot: she cant stand a chance NootNootKahoot: annies point and click stun does NootNootKahoot: imagine NootNootKahoot: you can see ur kda NootNootKahoot: in low elo? NootNootKahoot: realizes NootNootKahoot: realizes inting isnt fun NootNootKahoot: but uses it as excuse NootNootKahoot: to have a reason to int NootNootKahoot: ^if ur lucky NootNootKahoot: and ur team carries u NootNootKahoot: Like ur team NootNootKahoot: 2 3 8 NootNootKahoot: im doing good NootNootKahoot: now NootNootKahoot: on the other hand NootNootKahoot: you are not NootNootKahoot: CAN YOU IMAGINE NootNootKahoot: a tank jungler doing his job NootNootKahoot: and giving kills NootNootKahoot: to adc, top NootNootKahoot: 2 3 8 NootNootKahoot: ehm NootNootKahoot: lol NootNootKahoot: ofc NootNootKahoot: cause it shows how many assists ive gotten NootNootKahoot: unfortunate NootNootKahoot: tresh lol NootNootKahoot: yeah NootNootKahoot: we win fights NootNootKahoot: if its 5v5 NootNootKahoot: ok imma stop typing NootNootKahoot: and focus NootNootKahoot: welp NootNootKahoot: what went wrong NootNootKahoot: i tried to NootNootKahoot: thats bad NootNootKahoot: int NootNootKahoot: litterally inted NootNootKahoot: gg NootNootKahoot: wp poppins NootNootKahoot: we have tried to NootNootKahoot: you guys go in without me NootNootKahoot: true NootNootKahoot: Report annie NootNootKahoot: intin NootNootKahoot: she litterally tried to 1v5 NootNootKahoot: they got 2 drakes NootNootKahoot: infernal NootNootKahoot: cause u would not come NootNootKahoot: u dont need anything NootNootKahoot: u need to go afk NootNootKahoot: u reported NootNootKahoot: true NootNootKahoot: gg NootNootKahoot: wp Game 2 Pre-Game NootNootKahoot: why not NootNootKahoot: oehm NootNootKahoot: dont talk to me NootNootKahoot: ? NootNootKahoot: ok NootNootKahoot: someone dodge NootNootKahoot: whats ur problem kid NootNootKahoot: no NootNootKahoot: i just go tank NootNootKahoot: no ap required NootNootKahoot: no NootNootKahoot: nunu does not need ap NootNootKahoot: im a support tank NootNootKahoot: and i make you bois fed NootNootKahoot: and we win NootNootKahoot: last promo so leggo NootNootKahoot: 1 win 1 loss In-Game NootNootKahoot: no need for a leash NootNootKahoot: just hit it once if u want NootNootKahoot: this top NootNootKahoot: ahahaha and this vayne flamed me pre game NootNootKahoot: yep NootNootKahoot: called me a noob NootNootKahoot: for picking nunu NootNootKahoot: ??? NootNootKahoot: if u say so NootNootKahoot: srooy NootNootKahoot: sry NootNootKahoot: top is lost cause u lost solo NootNootKahoot: ur fault NootNootKahoot: dont write about it NootNootKahoot: ur fault NootNootKahoot: then stop crying gangplank NootNootKahoot: ff 15? NootNootKahoot: who NootNootKahoot: true NootNootKahoot: gangplank is asking to FF NootNootKahoot: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL NootNootKahoot: i will make this game as long as i can NootNootKahoot: gp NootNootKahoot: so u wont have any fun NootNootKahoot: report me for what exactly? NootNootKahoot: saying i will make this game long? NootNootKahoot: not flaming at all NootNootKahoot: lol NootNootKahoot: ? NootNootKahoot: what NootNootKahoot: im just gonna try my best NootNootKahoot: and make you win later NootNootKahoot: such a gg NootNootKahoot: wp NootNootKahoot: no NootNootKahoot: i told him NootNootKahoot: its gonna be a longer game NootNootKahoot: just for him NootNootKahoot: not 4v5 NootNootKahoot: im typing while walking NootNootKahoot: so no NootNootKahoot: hes 4 11 NootNootKahoot: dude NootNootKahoot: welp NootNootKahoot: i sad NootNootKahoot: what to do when every lane is feeding NootNootKahoot: gg NootNootKahoot: i dont want to ff NootNootKahoot: but at the same time NootNootKahoot: i want to NootNootKahoot: welpo NootNootKahoot: gangplank Game 3 In-Game NootNootKahoot: lets win boys NootNootKahoot: ez NootNootKahoot: no NootNootKahoot: thats not how lol works NootNootKahoot: u need to apply pressure NootNootKahoot: ? NootNootKahoot: but not to much NootNootKahoot: or else ww can invade NootNootKahoot: and u wont do anything NootNootKahoot: ok NootNootKahoot: lv 2 gank NootNootKahoot: ur half hp NootNootKahoot: dude NootNootKahoot: this mid lane NootNootKahoot: LOL NootNootKahoot: bot NootNootKahoot: back for items NootNootKahoot: Why ww NootNootKahoot: LOL NootNootKahoot: LOL NootNootKahoot: ww at red NootNootKahoot: yes NootNootKahoot: soon NootNootKahoot: mate NootNootKahoot: i know how to plsy NootNootKahoot: play NootNootKahoot: sure NootNootKahoot: this mid is so NootNootKahoot: ahahhhahaha NootNootKahoot: didnt even SS NootNootKahoot: not u NootNootKahoot: my ekko NootNootKahoot: didnt ss NootNootKahoot: for? NootNootKahoot: telling the trooth NootNootKahoot: im not flaming NootNootKahoot: i simply said NootNootKahoot: ekko didnt ss NootNootKahoot: and said this mid is so hahhahaha NootNootKahoot: what a clown fiesta NootNootKahoot: lol NootNootKahoot: great adc NootNootKahoot: even help jung and sup do drake NootNootKahoot: why did i even gank you NootNootKahoot: reported NootNootKahoot: called me the c word NootNootKahoot: say sorry team kaisa NootNootKahoot: u just ruined it for everone NootNootKahoot: ehm got 2 people killed NootNootKahoot: and they got the drake NootNootKahoot: yes NootNootKahoot: u blame me for missing smite NootNootKahoot: lol NootNootKahoot: under mf ult NootNootKahoot: and ww Q NootNootKahoot: i used my q before NootNootKahoot: so i cant q f NootNootKahoot: ekko NootNootKahoot: LET ME EAT A MINION NootNootKahoot: maybe NootNootKahoot: reported NootNootKahoot: wpwp NootNootKahoot: nothing NootNootKahoot: like you NootNootKahoot: wp NootNootKahoot: kaisa NootNootKahoot: go top NootNootKahoot: and push NootNootKahoot: now mid NootNootKahoot: not top NootNootKahoot: wp NootNootKahoot: kayle got shutdown NootNootKahoot: oof NootNootKahoot: wp guys NootNootKahoot: wp NootNootKahoot: who me NootNootKahoot: ? NootNootKahoot: better jungler win NootNootKahoot: XD NootNootKahoot: if laughing at a teammate is considered flame NootNootKahoot: yes i did flame once NootNootKahoot: LOL NootNootKahoot: She killed NootNootKahoot: 3 NootNootKahoot: are NootNootKahoot: XD NootNootKahoot: ehm NootNootKahoot: help our kaisa NootNootKahoot: pls NootNootKahoot: LOOOOOOOOOOL NootNootKahoot: 1 and 8 NootNootKahoot: actually NootNootKahoot: shes good NootNootKahoot: Just i ganked bot NootNootKahoot: early NootNootKahoot: for doubles NootNootKahoot: killes Post-Game NootNootKahoot: ahahahh NootNootKahoot: so salty NootNootKahoot: i never flamed NootNootKahoot: man NootNootKahoot: sorry NootNootKahoot: i didnt mean to flame NootNootKahoot: i said NootNootKahoot: THis mid ahahahhaha NootNootKahoot: THIS MID NootNootKahoot: ahahahaha
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