stupid riots community

I mean, that nothing has changed in the game, and I think this policy is not valid. I tried to go to a different account, and what I saw there? Correctly! Nothing new! Namely Nuba, feeders of the AFC and siphon WHICH COUPLE TIMES die on the line and go, or guys with a score of 4-15 that after the game report a man tormented buyout played the game dragged with him an hour and was eventually banned for calling Fleim this bastard a noob, but as it is also called ??? you have entered the code prescribed drop boxes, but it's not the bonus game is a common monetization .. and in general, in the game there is no progress in this swotting useless divisions with Nublo is already sitting in the throat in humans .. progress in the game, and exactly zero content except the heroes there is also no
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