So it turns out riot is fairly arbitrary in punishments

So coming off a 14 day suspension, play a few games, picked yuumi and then proceeded to have my top laner tell me to k y s from min 0. W/E I learnt that typing %%% will get you insta banned, no warning, no nothing, just hit with a ban hammer, so report it in post. Oh wait, that dude is still playing, I guess it's fine when other people do it. Either have a blanket ban, or don't, I said it in one game when someone was trolling me and I got straight up banned. Venting, but I get told to %%% 24/7 i%%%his game, I think in total I've had one game where I got frustrated and typed it, and you know what, riot banned me for saying it, fine I understand, then you see other players running around telling you to kill yourself, then you check etc and riot has done nothing, %%%% the player%%%%port staff.

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