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Can someone explain to me how an unranked player, who has no previous ranked qualification in other seasons either, got matched with me (not against me, I am so lucky) in gold league??? Even more than so, several websites show his account as not even being a level 30 account. All he did the entire match was feed and troll I guess. I don't even know, he played so bad he is either the biggest troll in gaming history or just a moron who got... matched in rank, in gold... by a bug or something? What? What the actual fuck is going on and why am I always so damn lucky? He played... like, he would move a few meters, then stop, think a little, then move again, missed all skill shots... He went Ashe top, then came mid, fed the entire enemy team... Even a bot on easy is better. And all in gold. Yes, you can make all the jokes you want about gold being like bronze, but this is not a joke and because of shit like this, hundred if not thousands of games are being ruined. Why is this community so cancerous? So please, tell me, how was an unranked player, with no previous ranked history, get matched in gold?
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