1 game = permaban are u serious??

http://imgur.com/a/jdC2i Game 1 RosarioPk: bro RosarioPk: aahah RosarioPk: i listened RosarioPk: silver scrub RosarioPk: XDD RosarioPk: what RosarioPk: 3 here RosarioPk: OOGFJODFHO RosarioPk: PORCO DIO RosarioPk: porco dio RosarioPk: kled RosarioPk: is your mother dead of cancer RosarioPk: chinese cshit RosarioPk: chinese RosarioPk: dont talk RosarioPk: immigrate RosarioPk: refugee RosarioPk: refugee RosarioPk: u play kled ignite RosarioPk: shittard RosarioPk: kled ignite with 3 man ganks RosarioPk: %%%%%%ed RosarioPk: yi doing nothing RosarioPk: dude u are godl RosarioPk: gold elo RosarioPk: stranger RosarioPk: gold elo refugee RosarioPk: gold elo RosarioPk: forever RosarioPk: ahahah RosarioPk: dude RosarioPk: believe that RosarioPk: u are gold RosarioPk: Im d4 RosarioPk: :D RosarioPk: :D RosarioPk: gold elo auhauha RosarioPk: gold elo RosarioPk: 1st time RosarioPk: gp idiot RosarioPk: lmao RosarioPk: just discovered has this skin RosarioPk: and u got ganked byu 3 mans RosarioPk: plus flash at min1 RosarioPk: cocksucker RosarioPk: kled RosarioPk: ua re gold RosarioPk: not me RosarioPk: d4 RosarioPk: %%%%% RosarioPk: cry more RosarioPk: im d4 RosarioPk: u are gold RosarioPk: %%%%% RosarioPk: ?? idc aboyut this acc RosarioPk: dude RosarioPk: ahahaha RosarioPk: u are gold tryharding RosarioPk: for being plat RosarioPk: but u won reach plat RosarioPk: duoq of %%%%%%s RosarioPk: duoq abuser still golds RosarioPk: ahhaha RosarioPk: jesus RosarioPk: 700 rankeds RosarioPk: gold 2 RosarioPk: thats a feels badman RosarioPk: also win rate negative RosarioPk: damn u are trash lol RosarioPk: still gold 2 RosarioPk: :D RosarioPk: cry more RosarioPk: 700 rankeds RosarioPk: gold 2 RosarioPk: grp RosarioPk: group RosarioPk: lòet me RosarioPk: buy RosarioPk: pls RosarioPk: guys RosarioPk: holy shit RosarioPk: WHAT RosarioPk: THE %%%% RosarioPk: A FKING WW RosarioPk: easy RosarioPk: kled RosarioPk: gg easy ____________________ I Mean 1 %%%ING GAME to get permabanned?? like there is no chance to comeback or it could happen one game where u are saltier than another game. i got fking permabanned literally for 1 game jesus christ . is this NAZISM?? tell me please this is kinda NAZIST. 1 %%%%ing game = permaban.. you riot are clowns
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