New Ban System

Instead of getting ban, can players get very hard reset(lose all skins, lose all champs, lose champ levels, lose all BE and OE,only 2000 BE and 5 champ option people have at beginning) on their accounts and get -1(if gold becomes silver for example) on their tier etc? even can have permenant -1 lp for their winnings(like normally if they would get 21 lp, they will get 20 lp, so sytem will always remove 1 lp from their winning), but banning the account permenant causes problem for us who does not get ban. WHere is why? I just read new players will not be able to start from bronze or silver anymore, they will start from iron. Which is really good, cuz when I was playing this game I have placed in Silver, without even knowing that I should ward. I got carried (4 games out of 10 ), I was trying to get S from soraka and it was enough fo rme to start from silver tier. There were many champs, that I have no idea what are their skills,etc... BUT I WAS SILVER PLAYER(and I am still one o them). For the real new player it is really good that they will start from very base. The problem with ban is, they can always open new accounts, and their existance in low tier is tear causing problem. And they can change their name etc if they really like name they have so banning account is actually something I can understand, but it is causing problem for low tier. Even I feel happy that that problem is not mine anymore, all them will go to iron. But still that problem is still existing in low tier. But when you ban them, you won't reset their skills, their experience on game. So their skill level still belongs to gold, platinium whatever. But to make suffer 1 player, we are punishing enemies of all smurf accounts. **This hard reset should be only applied to players got banned for 0 telerance words, for only negative beahioural bans. Account steal, cheat etc, yeah they should got banned permenantly. THey should feel the pain startting account from 0.** I am trying to get account on new server, learned how hard it is actually. So, What I mean is, this smurf people are really skillful, even if you have smurrf passing throug silver tier you can feel from their gaming style. Smurrfs are gonna be real problem in iron cuz they will not be able to improve themselves. What will happen is the team with smurrf will always win, than what is the point? ıt si like lottery who is gonna win etc. Even now in silver tier, sometimes you got smurrfs and it is really good if you have them with you, but not if otherwise. What do you guys think about this?
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