Punished players should get some support

Hi, Before I start, my background: * I started in Season 2 * I got warned 2 times: once in season 2, once in season 3 * I got a chatrestriction once it came out * I'm never punished anyway * I'm currently honor lvl 4 (0 checkpoints, think that I'll get one in 1-2 weeks) **EDIT (june 25):** checkpoint 1 reached! * I'm plat 4 atm ******** What I want to tell you is that when your honor level drops to 0 or 1, you should get some support. The support I suggest is the support of some players who were in your team in the game you got banned/punished. The idea is that when someone you report got punished, you can fill in an 'advicelist'. Only players who got honor level 4 or higher should be able to give that advice, since they are the players who actually are _sportsmanlike_. The advicelist contains only a few questions (from multiple players) like: * Why did you report this player? * When did you get the idea to report this player? * What would you do when this situation happens to _you?_ * What would you suggest to do next time in a situation like this? ******** When you get some **direct** advice from other players, you can improve your own ~~sportsmanlike~~ behaviour while you got punished. I think it's way too easy to tell someone that he/she got punished with the chat logs, but without giving them some advice for the future. I hope that someone is listening to me and can make this real! It would be awesome to help some, not that sportsmanlike, players to be sportsmanlike in the near future!
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