How to change this game(community) for the better?

Hey fellow summoner, I've seen so many threads recently complaining about the community. I think I could say that it bothers us all that the community has become so toxic. Some even call the game unplayable and that is heartbreaking since we fell in love with this game. That's why I came up with some solutions/ideas that could be implemented in the game. I want to start a discussion and I think if we all contribute to this thread there may be a slight chance that Riot sees it (?). We, as a community need to stand up. I see it in my games as well. I'm finally willing to improve my gameplay and I'm finally able to climb a little and I come across a lot of toxic people and trollers. I try to bite my tongue, but not all players can do that, because we want to win and push ourselves to the next level. Coming across toxic people and trollers can concludedly be very frustrating. my ideas/solutions (?) to better this: - I've played a lot of CSGO and Valve implements a special 'profile status' in the game when you reach a certain level. it is called 'Prime'. if you have a Prime account, it means that you are a clean player that doesn't cheat, isn't toxic and doesn't leave the game. You do have to earn this status, but when you have earned it, you will be matched with and against other Prime players. It still isn't the best, but it really is a step in the right direction and I think it would better our game experience if Riot would implement this in LoL. The trollers can play with the trollers and the toxic, while the real and serious player could be matched with players like themselves. - this goes hand in hand with a kind of 'trust factor' also implemented by Valve in CSGO. it just means that you will be matched with players like yourself. low trust factor means that you are toxic, troller or leaver, while high trust factor means the opposite I think that these things would be a step in the right direction, but my main idea is that in order to clean up the toxic community is to maybe implement a monthly pay-to-play fee. I know what you're thinking, WTF, but hold on, dont exit yet. let me explain myself. it doens't have to be a lot. Let's be honest. I think all of us have put money into our accounts to buy skins, so basically we are already paying to play this game. but if we would have a monthly fee to just play the game, the whole community could benefit from it. trollers or toxic people may quit their behaviour if there would be a real punishment hanging over their heads. They lose their account and their money that they have put into the game for playing it when they troll. which means that the whole community would be clean of trollers and toxic people. but ofcourse Riot would also have to improve their ban system. thank you for coming to my TedTalk please leave a comment with your thoughts!
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