You can't tell anything to anybody cause it's flame

Well i got a 10 game chat restriction , maybe I deserved it , maybe not , I don't need my chat restriction removed 10 more games to make it 20 would be awesome right now I am a both a bit angry and sad. What i want are answers. I do not like the fact that you cant express yourself in this game and even 1 or 2 bad words will get you a punishment. Again I don't say that the fact that I flamed it's ok and i don't feel bad I mean any word that I write , but again I must say that playing a new champ doesn't mean you are not inting this is a game based on objectives if you refuse to help your team you should be punished the same way flaming is , you play a new champ in the jungle but you did not make a gank in 20 minutes and you are doing camps instead of helping a teammate near you why is there no punishment , you play a new adc and you towerdive time and time again so you with your actions make the game not fun for the others and with your actions might make people flame you because frankly people will lose it since they are trapped in a game with someone that does that , you play a support but leave the lane at min 2 cause why not so you leave a adc vs 2 and make the game hell for him why shouldn't you be punished since the game is not fun for someone else only cause you decided so. So these are the questions that I have right now. What is worse a inting guy that says it's just a normal and does whatever he wants not focusing on wining or a guy that will tell you to go %%%% yourself cause you don't stay with the team ? I myself am not angry when somebody tell me to focus or that i made a stupid mistake it's better that people will point out when you are stupid cause maybe you don't know it sometimes. Why are so few inting players ever banned? Does anybody believe that you should be able to mute yourself so you can't write anything in the chat? Does anybody feel like you are sometimes trapped in games 35+ minutes only to lose just because some players play for themselves rather than for the team ? Where should the line between having a bad game and inting should be? Should players be rewarded according to what they did in the game not only based on wining or losing ? Should there be a way to ask for a chat restriction if when you had a bad day ? If we are punished with the chat mute should we be also punished with honor lose ? Isn't one punishment good enough? Should the not cooperating with the team report reason be added back ? I feel like less people will flame if they know they can just report somebody that does that. PS : This is not a I didn't deserve my chat restriction cause I know I did but not 100% since the chat log only shows what you said and not what the person reporting you said.

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