Reported and got a Warning but I didn't do anything nothing.

So I was playing a normal game in solo queue and the game start off bad there was a argument over who called top first between two other players on the team in champ select, then once we got in game the the person playing Master Yi started flaming Annie saying "Nice SS". Then 15 mins in to the game enemy team has 8 kills on us and master Yi starts yelling "gg their fed, blablabla" the usual I don't mind I just try to encourage the team and Yi decided his going to report me for Negative attitude/Flaming when all I said was "Don't give up guys we can still win this, giving up is the wrong way of thinking!" he then tried to surrender 3 times I said no all 3 times but at the end the other 4 team members gave up I don't mind this though, What I do mind is how someone with negative attitude came in and said gg at the 15 mins mark then proceeded to make everyone else give up then tell me I'm the one with the negative attitude when I was trying to get a positive attitude running through the team, Then proceed to report me for harassment when leads me to get a warning for nothing. isn't there some kind of system implemented to punish faking a report and this kind of negative attitude?
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