in 10 years your report system has never worked at all

everyone knows it: you are sup main, your adc pings the engage, you both die mid instantly: "ff 15" but hey, your adc is panth, maybe he saw that in a twitch montage, so go for it your jgl comes, you all 3 die instantly top and mid start harassing you, the chat consists of **** only. you are playing your best, making it to 1 < kda < 2 they get even more offensive and give a fck about teamplay. your adc is 2 12 0 and you manage to get wards on the map without dying (to often). Why is riot unable to give out punishments at all, not even while the game is going. while other games even punish "gg ez" riot be like "what's a insult? never heard one"
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