I wish I get permabanned after that game

Listen to this story cause it is not gonna be pretty, I was playing a ranked of Top Rengo, if anyone cares I have 69% winrate on him. I get level 1 first blood with double Q, so far so good great game right? Well no, my enemy TPs back to lane I get him to 150 hp and can't kill him due the wave, I ping my jungler in Top has no summoners, he doesn't come so I set up a freeze and base so I lose just very few cs. When I am at base my junglers runs it the %%%% down into the tower and then types "%%%% you rengo" due to him pulling the wave apart I also lost 6 or 7 minions and my enemy had a kill. Well shit but at least I try to stay calm. Then 1 minute later he decides to run top and clear 2 waves as "revenge" (for whatever) then I get gangbanged by 3 people because I am behind and my team starts to flame me for being "useless" muting the 2 flamers wasn't enough cause now the adc sivir randomly decided to run top and clear waves as fast as possible so i lose 2 more waves and then all the rest starts to flame me too. Especially the support syndra who said first time too was mentioning how off meta my pick was and flaming it over and over again. Telling me I should die etc. So muting is an option to stop the flame, but I can't do anything about my team running into my lane and stealing all my farm because they think it's my fault when they die under enemy tower when I am not even in lane. All of them did everything to tilt me into oblivion as much as possible all 4 and then I just pure mentally shut off and went autopilot for the rest of the game until we finally lost and I am very happy they lost. This was by far the worst expiriece I ever had with this game and 80% of the games during the last weeks were pure negative expirience. It's unplayable without friends and every time u die its report from your team, every time they die its report every time an enemy kills you its 20 lines of "ez" everytime you have a game that you can't carry the 2-15 enemy types ez 20 times. It seems to be the very same from bronze to silver to gold to plat to d5 (that's the highest enemy i ever faced). I have literally 1 non toxic game each weak and over the last weeks I just got mentally so disturbed that I wish all those people die of a horrible cause, because their only fun is to make others peoples day as shit as possible. Ofc I don't tell them ingame. It's a shame what this game has become because when I started it was about every 5 games a real toxic game now it's about every 5th game that is not ultra toxic and I myself can feel getting more and more negative by default having to mute and report every single game reading their shit or seeing people that write that they will int in champ select already because they don't like X champ being picked
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