K.. 14 day banworthy shizzle i guess..

Game 1 TímeShífterR: protect vayne next time leona, i zoned morg TímeShífterR: you just missed 2 kills TímeShífterR: np TímeShífterR: atleast i know how to build << Loses lane, blames me when i'm 2-1-7 TímeShífterR: so i don't mind being a %%% << called me a %%% TímeShífterR: this team TímeShífterR: hahah TímeShífterR: no it was bronze << Leona said 'this was bad" i replied with this TímeShífterR: Pittyful warding TímeShífterR: this vayne TímeShífterR: for you underperforming or? << Gnar reportcalling me for being 6-1-8 TímeShífterR: still no zonya lb? << Gets one shot all the time by rengar TímeShífterR: you surely know how to build << said it to lb for not getting Zonya sooner TímeShífterR: less cs and worse kda.. dunno why u talk tbh <<Lb flaming me TímeShífterR: gnar and lb think they got the right to flame me xD it's funny Game 2 TímeShífterR: ranjks? TímeShífterR: 'ok' silver TímeShífterR: it's my fault u go in when im not there yet TímeShífterR: sure is TímeShífterR: vi is incredibly toxic btw. fun guy TímeShífterR: WARDS ALMIGHTY BRAND TímeShífterR: you hadn't ward a single thing TímeShífterR: not when it matters TímeShífterR: then you back and refill TímeShífterR: but its not your fault TímeShífterR: we have no jungle pressure TímeShífterR: just press yes so i can have a jungler next game TímeShífterR: BAGUETTE SPOTTED TímeShífterR: ok TímeShífterR: NOW HE USES HIS SUPP ITEM TímeShífterR: lmao TímeShífterR: dude u needed to use it when the came up not when u needed it to go away TímeShífterR: they caught me becuz u didn't use it TímeShífterR: instead of going bot when i tell u too TímeShífterR: no TímeShífterR: YOU look TímeShífterR: YOU listen TímeShífterR: THATS IT TímeShífterR: ori better than vi ;) TímeShífterR: gj jhin TímeShífterR: good you know urself TímeShífterR: i'm flaming? TímeShífterR: nah TímeShífterR: you're butthurt TímeShífterR: justw ait for them TímeShífterR: just defend Game 3 TímeShífterR: ok TímeShífterR: gj TímeShífterR: DID U LEGIT NOT LVL UP YOUR W ryze? TímeShífterR: r u for real TímeShífterR: ryze is afk griefing and trolling TímeShífterR: he obviously is TímeShífterR: want to get banned dont u << Got banned TímeShífterR: you had flash TímeShífterR: you didnt flash TímeShífterR: ok TímeShífterR: lmao TímeShífterR: PJSALT TímeShífterR: this vayne has said 'fucking' 50x in his last 3 sentences xD << Botprogram mostelikely thinks i said it myself TímeShífterR: 36 cs xD TímeShífterR: 1-9 bames jungler, 0-5 blames jungler xD such fun So this is where League is going to? Why is a chat option still relevant then?
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