A few words from a good guy

In the last few weeks this game has become just too toxic to have any enjoyable experience,in almost every match i had a flamer,or straight up inter! I reported all of them,but guess what? No one of them got banned,i remembered a few most toxic names,and checked them on op.gg and they are still playing! One of the extreme ones was running it down mid after he got first blooded, until we finally gave up in 20 min. since he refused to surrender at 15. I got flamed so hard by everyone,from silver ezreals to plat kayns,calling me all kinds of names and what not. I did not type back to them,but they just kept flaming and flaming... So i decided to delete league of legends after playing it for 6 years . Im a chill guy who used to play this game for fun,i was always one of the most honored guys in this game,i had those honor ribbons back in the days before this new system,honor lvl 5 since beginning and what not... But i had enough,toxic players are not punished,and good guys just cant defend themselves,so i think this system is just unfair... Good bye everyone and good luck! I posted a picture of my honor right now,just to let you guys know that im not a flamer or something like that.
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