Flex vs SoloQ

So yeah... I have never done anything similar to this but I guess I,m fed up. I just wanted to hear someone opinion on this. Why is solo que so bad these last 2 seasons? And why are people hating on flex? I play flex and Soloq alone for most of the time but I have noticed that flex is way better imo then solo que. The games are closer:no stomp or get stomped. Ppl are more coorparitive but as soon as I go in solo que it's the same flame,ffin 5 min or run it down. I can hit plat in Flex easy but solo que is like hard grind with either, I can 1 v 5 ,or we lose. I know i make mistakes as well and plat is not high elo but still. Why is there such a difference between the two ques and communities. I play since s2 and these last 2 seasons are just the worst tbh. P.S sorry for the grammar.

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