please create a /selfmute feature

low key im a pretty toxic player just like many other people that play this game. please for the love of god make a /selfmute feature for in the in game chat so i can get my frustrations out without my teammates being effected by it. i have an emotional interest when i play this game, i care about what happens and if someone on my team does something stupid im going to call them out on it, if they do it multiple times most of the time i will get angry with them and display it in chat, however after the game when iv calmed down i feel guilty that i may have upset someone else playing this game, please make it so you can mute yourself so nobody else can read what ur saying in chat, that way you can get my frustrations out and be less tiltable without upsetting your teammates. "but you could just unbind your chat key or just take the enter key off your keyboard", this doesnt really have the same effect, sure this will stop you being able to to type but it wont allow you to get your frustrations out and let off some steam. this needs to be a feature, this will improve the experience of playing the game immeasurably, as the people who know they will flame will just mute themselves and will just be flaming for no one to hear and the people worried about upsetting their teammates wont have to worry about ruining other peoples experiences with playing the game. so rather than typing in chat "thresh you stupid motherfu**** wtf are you doing?" and risk tilting the thresh and ruining his mindset, it will just go to the void, nobody will hear it, nobody will regulate it (as there is nobody being effected by it) and nobody will even realize it is being said. {{item:1006}} heal the community with this bead.

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