Banned ac%%%%

Hello Riot.I got a ban today on my ac%%%% for **_14 days_**.(issue:toxic) indeed it was i will not deny it.but what about my team mates on my previus matches they where not ''toxic''..i was losing_ **23-26** _points per lose and gained** 12-13 ** per win. you still dont beilieve it? check my history games but check the discussions too.check the** team players status too**..but what ever you do this new system** is very bad**.since my almost 3 years of playing league of legends i will now delete it and advise every one to delete it too.. you have treaded many people like this.some deserved it some not..yet the pont is that you will still loose players day after day too fast..(like you already do lose) farewell riot. good job destroying the game you created __
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