Endless toxicity

So there was this {{champion:22}} called "Cicajeubica". She was flaming me and my team all game for feeding when she was feeding too, just had a little more kills than me because of KS and that stuff. She was literally nonstop pinging me, my items, and putting the Enemy Missing question mark EVERYTIME she could. She was punished for only chat restriction and not a few day ban or a perma ban like she should have been. I eventually muted her because I didnt care anymore on what she says or anything like that. She contacted me in DMs saying the same stuff as in game like she was some kind of god, yet she's lower in everything than me. (We won the game at the end but not thanks to her). She have died 10 times also but had 10 kills, I had 6. Still she fed too and must be more punished for being toxic literally all game from minute 1. Please Riot do something about it, that {{champion:22}} is insane. She's a whole another level toxic for no reason what so ever. And even her/his name is offensive in their language. Again her/his IGN is Cicajeubica Thats the DM I got from her when I was in game less than an hour ago.
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